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Through my eyes


Mistakes, learn from them, don’t regret them, be grateful that you experienced them because you are now a lot wiser because of them.

Mistakes, listen to individuals regrets and consider them a note of knowledge so you won’t take the same path.

Mistakes, are not meant to be dwelled upon, because…

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" Life will throw you down, and sadly you may fall and whats even more sad, maybe no one would care, but thats when you have to accept the fact, its all you, and the only person you should be depending on to care and to help you is yourself . "

- Valmiki Poulido (via i-valmiki-poulido)

" Someone once asked me, ”what are 3 good reasons to give up?”
and I told them that, I cannot think of 3, I can only think of one. If you are giving up, you can only give up if the activity you are giving up on is hindering the bigger scope of your main goal. "

- Valmiki Poulido (via i-valmiki-poulido)


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What is plating ?

Plating is simply the way you place food to best appeal to the eye of your, customers, clients , or audience. 

Everyone has their own unique design to be honest. This usually leads in conflicts, thus most high end restaurants have a picture of how the plate should look before it leaves the kitchen and reaches the dinning table.

Plating, like most things in life is dictated by society. The more people that like your design , the more,”correct,” it is.

Honestly, I believe, you should let your imagination run wild on the plate, consider the plate your canvass and the food your devices that draw your story. 


" Do what it takes, Piss off who you have to , and sacrifice what you must to pull your dreams into the world of reality. "

- Valmiki Poulido

In dubai, grabbing the sun, because nothing is unattainable , it all depends on the way you look at it.

" Practicality over methodology "


" I know I have said this before, do not fear failure, but I will say it again and add, do not, keep the company of people who are willing to remind of it, THEY ARE USELESS TO YOUR GROWTH … STRIVE.! "

- Valmiki Poulido