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Hay how are you guys?

well here we go; This is a dare proposed to me by a friend

asking me to write an article on how to seduce a woman; however, I don’t consider myself as the seductive type at all, but I can give a run down on how a night out with me would usually go.

I believe women find…

A night out with a chef

Hay  how are you guys?

well here we go; This is a dare proposed to me by a friend 

asking me to write an article on how to seduce a woman; however, I don’t consider myself as the seductive type at all, but I can give a run down on how a night out with me would usually go.

I believe women find men with authority attractive, they seek a confident man with proper etiquettes.  The first step would be to radiate such behaviour.   I also believe the way to anyone’s heart is food , definitely food, and am not only saying this because I am a chef.

I would start the night off at 8pm, very simple. I personally am a hopeless romantic, so a walk in the park or along the beach under the full moon is definitely down on my agenda. During this time, I would enquire fully about her, the way you state your questions should always lead up to a next question ,once she is done answering the first one.

(Complement her)   I would actually look into her eyes to notice the colour of her pupils. I would smell her, and enquire about the fragrance she wears so well, I would bring up her fashion statement, so that I can keep her mind occupied for at lest 2 hours, until 10pm.

(NOW LETS TALK FOOD) I would not ask her if she is hungry or what she wants to eat , before declaring that I am famished! After I have told  her this,  I will proceed to ask her what her favourite dishes are on my way out of the park or place of great abidance. 

(WAITING)  Knowing that I would be bringing her back to my condo, I would  have prepare a chilled bottle of champaign and wine. I also always keep scotch and tequila in the cupboard.  On our way back to my place, I would comment and say , ”O luv, I just know the greatest chef ever, you will luv his cuisine, it will be right up your ally.” with a smile. 

(Perpetration) Food is the language of romance and there is nothing more seductive then preparing a dish for a woman and getting her involved.! Her response to reaching at my condo will be, ” wait what.” (Cease the moment, do not faultier ) I would simply recall the line and smile and hold her hand an move forward inside my condo. There I will  prepare for her, her favourite meat or dish , or at lest the closest thing to it. I will offer her the 4 options of drinks.  While we cook, we shall drink. Knife technique, now lots of people cut , but  only a chosen few can actually do it properly. Teaching a woman to do so, is similar to teaching her to play pool, it allows you to physically touch her in a non awkward manner. THIS WOULD SET THE MOOD. Dinner should be done by 11pm to 11:30PM. 

Now the game is on. This is the most intimate hour of the night and it can only go 2 ways, I can feed her, and slowly pull her into my sway or I can let her dine on her own  and leave her with the teasing notion of the ecstasy that could have been.


" I do not believe in suicide, I will never rationalize , empathize or sympathize, with someone who has committed it, be it physical or spiritual. The sad thing about it, those who have committed spiritual suicide, wander around the physical world eating, not brains, but dreams of their fellow men. The only true way to escape, the faith of becoming such a zombie, is achieving your own dreams, don’t deny yourself greatness. "

- Valmiki Poulido

" Food should be able to bring a smile to those in need of a little sunshine, in their life. Am pretty sure everyone has a, ”depression dish.” "

- Chef Val aka Valmiki Poulido


21 Problems/Blessings Of Being A Chef

  1. You can’t stand watching someone use the wrong knife for the wrong use
  2. You can’t stand someone touching your knives without permission
  3. In fact, you develop a creepy obsession with your knives that no one outside the culinary industry will understand.
  4. If you’re a pastry chef, the same creepy obsession goes for your spoons
  5. Smelling like food…all the time
  6. Yelling “Behind!” …in the supermarket 
  7. The infamous plastic wrap/foil edge cut
  8. Not getting invited to any special occasions or events because you haven’t been able to make one in five years. 
  9. Having the ability to grab hot objects mere mortals could not even imagine 
  10. Friends thinking you got in a fight after looking at your hands when it was really just a “fight” with the microplane 
  11. Your awareness of someone’s lack of efficiency increasing and tolerance decreasing 
  12. No one cooking for you because they feel embarrassed
  13. Which in turn leads to you having to cook for every family gathering (if you can make it!)
  14. When you don’t realize how loud it is in the kitchen until and hour after your clock out and your ears are still ringing
  15. Working in a cave all day aka no windows or natural light
  16. When the ticket printer stops working halfway through the first rush
  17. Trying to describe “quenelles” to someone
  18. Running out of centrefeed. It’s the kitchen’s lifeblood
  19. That jungle rash developed from the humid kitchen. (Where’s the cornstarch?)
  20. The fact that you are given more work because by reading this you have too much time on your hands
  21. The fact that after accepting all of this you still will never trade your job for anything in the world! #chefsareawesome


Mistakes, learn from them, don’t regret them, be grateful that you experienced them because you are now a lot wiser because of them.

Mistakes, listen to individuals regrets and consider them a note of knowledge so you won’t take the same path.

Mistakes, are not meant to be dwelled upon, because…

(via i-valmiki-poulido)

" Life will throw you down, and sadly you may fall and whats even more sad, maybe no one would care, but thats when you have to accept the fact, its all you, and the only person you should be depending on to care and to help you is yourself . "

- Valmiki Poulido (via i-valmiki-poulido)

" Someone once asked me, ”what are 3 good reasons to give up?”
and I told them that, I cannot think of 3, I can only think of one. If you are giving up, you can only give up if the activity you are giving up on is hindering the bigger scope of your main goal. "

- Valmiki Poulido (via i-valmiki-poulido)


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